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I'm Hali, your Health Coach for loving yourself.


About Hali

In 2020, I made the life-changing decision to start choosing myself first. I re-evaluated my eating habits and why I eat, I started taking care of my body and practicing self care and I stopped shaming myself for my past and started honoring the woman who pulled me back up. 


How did I get there? 

A year earlier, I left a long term relationship that had slowly and silently been beating me down. I was unsure of what came next, but I knew I could no longer stay. After leaving, the slow silence turned into emotional abuse and stalking. I found myself in a constant state of fear and discomfort, never knowing when or how I would need to react. While I didn’t walk away with bruises or scars, I was left traumatized with a nervous system that couldn’t relax, leaving me in a perpetual state of fight or flight. I spent over a year living in a body that was begging me to “get-out”, long after I had done just that. 


My shift didn’t happen overnight; it started with the realization that I wanted to heal and get back to myself. Learning about food and how to nourish and care for my body, along with reevaluating my story are what got me where I am today— happier than I have ever been, carrying on deep and meaningful relationships and feeding my body and mind what it needs in order to grow and heal. 


Here are some of the shifts that I’ve experienced: 

  • I went from feeling like I had nothing (and was nothing) to having a daily gratitude practice 

  • I went from eating for comfort and control to eating to fuel my body and mind 

  • I went from only sleeping with a sleep-aid to sleeping 8+ hours peacefully and naturally

  • I stopped making myself small for other people and learned to embrace myself as the main character in my story

In 2021 I earned my certification as a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, so that I could coach clients, just like you, to make diet and lifestyle changes that your current and future self will thank you for. 




Because I believe you can also make the life-changing decision to start choosing yourself first and I want to help guide you there.